fScanX - Release History

2021-04-02: version 1.9.1: Fix crash introduced in 1.9.0. Enable fi-7140 & fi-7240 scanners.

2021-03-20: version 1.9.0: Add native “Apple Silicon” support, and official support for macOS 11.1 & 11.2 (Big Sur). Drop support for 10.11 (El Capitan). Pulled because of crashing bug.

2020-08-03: version 1.8.16: Fix errors checking paper size when scanning from flatbed in orientations other than default.

2020-06-15: version 1.8.15: Initially released for Home Edition only, fix crash when a device resets the USB bus, which the 5110c does after every scan.

2020-05-30: version 1.8.14: Fix the “glitchy black bars on scan preview area” bug that started with Mojave. Fix crash that could happen if a device reset the USB bus. Application notarization, and official support for 10.14 (Mojave) & 10.15 (Catalina). Drop support for 10.9 (Mavericks) & 10.10 (Yosemite). Move support for fi-4120C, fi-4220C, fi-4120C2, fi-5120C & fi-5220C into Home Edition. Adjust prices downward for some other long-out-of-production scanners.

2018-05-01: version 1.8.13: Improve Automator action, especially compatibility with most recent macOS releases (when showing settings at run, use correct window size and honor settings changes made by user; display preview pane more reliably; do not crash when making multiple test runs; get correct max scan length when using length detection). Possible workaround for preview glitches caused by GPU bugs on certain hardware/OS/SDK combinations. Over-sampling and length detection work together for all scanners & modes.

2018-04-28: version 1.8.12: Fix bug that caused blank scans for the combination of automatic length detection and flipped pages. End support for OS X 10.7 (Lion) & 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

2015-06-15: version 1.8.11: Fix some memory leaks (in all products). Add to Home Edition support for ScanSnaps S500, S500M, S510, S510M.

2015-04-24: version 1.8.9: Fix a rare scanning protocol error (“Not a JPEG file”). In-app license purchase correctly detects scanner model (instead of directing users to fScanX Home Edition for scanners which it does not support). Command-line utility now checks for MAS receipt in fScanX Home Edition, to make it easy to use with ScanSnap models.

2014-10-30: version 1.8.8: Fix rare crash in scanning process. Force Automator action to activate application after launch, before displaying file save panel.

2014-10-10: version 1.8.7: Fix bug where main window would not display after license warning on 10.9 (Mavericks) & 10.10 (Yosemite).

2014-09-21: version 1.8.6: Fix bug where second append to a PDF file would fail.

2014-08-24: version 1.8.5: Fix bug with display of maximum length when using auto-length detection and user's preferences are set to use metric measurements.

2014-08-01: version 1.8.4: Add support for fi-7160, fi-7260, fi-7180 & fi-7280 scanners. Fix bug where fixed-length scan after auto-length scan would result in stale image data being appended after end of short page. Improve reliabilty with some of the oldest scanner models (particularly the fi-4120C).

2014-01-29 version 1.8.3: Early work on fi-7x60/7x80 scanners. Never released because of USB 3.0 bugs.

2013-11-09 version 1.8.2: Fix bug in width-check for landscape scans. Add some minimal always-on logging so that history of launches, scanner matches, scans, and errors will be visible via the console.

2013-11-09 version 1.8.1: Fix bug in maximum length calculation for automatic length detection.

2013-11-09 version 1.8: Take advantage of Retina displays to provide higher-quality scan previews. Add option to flip pages (for scanning pages damaged by staples). Do not require user to enter maximum paper length to use length detection. Change threshold method for black-and-white scans to easier-to-use density adjustment. Show only either threshold or contrast controls, as appropriate depending on whether black-and-white or grayscale/color scanning is selected. Remove option for grayscale/color TIFF without compression (which was only needed for compatibility with obsolete viewers, such as Preview.app versions prior to 2006). Shorten window slightly to better fit on a MacBook Air 11-inch. Stop installing command-line utility (thus prompting users for admin credentials) automatically. Fix a protocol bug causing occasional scanner errors with newest scanner models. End support for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) & 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

2013-09-19 version 1.7.8: Fix an accidental incompatibility with OS X 10.5 that was introduced in 1.7.6. Fix minor image artifact that occurred with certain combinations of resolution and scan height with grayscale and color scans.

2013-07-05 version 1.7.7: Add “flip back sides” option for duplex documents which were printed “flip-chart” style. Fixed bug that caused duplex grayscale or color scans to be truncated when using length detection on certain scanner models. Fixed extremely rare crash when launching with no compatible scanner present.

2013-06-12 version 1.7.6: Home Edition adds support for Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-5110EOX, fi-5110EOX2, fi-5110EOXM, S1500 & S1500M scanners. Home Edition also adds new “density” setting to simplify threshold options for black-and-white scanning, and “flip back sides” option for duplex documents which were printed “flip-chart” style.

2013-05-04 version 1.7.5: Fix bug that caused scan failures (Cmd_ReadImage buffer overruns) in rare configurations. Fix bug that prevented Automator action from recognizing licenses. Fix rare crash processing USB device add/remove notifications.

2013-03-10 version 1.7.4: Fix permissions issue that in some cases would cause repeated prompting to re-install command line utility. Add the "Request Support" menu item as an easy way for users to send an email that includes all relevant configuration information.

2013-02-23 version 1.7.3: Do not allow page length detection and double-feed by length variance to be selected at the same time. Correct gray & color duplex scanning on scanners where internal JPEG is used. When files exceed allowed size, truncate them to a consistent state. On disk full error, provide clear message and truncate partial file to a consistent state. Straighten out various difficulties with the shared preferences. Improved display of scanner and license info. Fix command-line update for non-admin users. Sign application & installer for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

2012-01-13 version 1.7.2: Add support for fi-6130z, fi-6230z, fi-6140z & fi-6240z scanners. In license info window, add button to clear licenses. Trim whitespace & line endings from license entry. Fixed settings not being saved between runs. Fixed Automator action not running as application or service under certain OS versions. Fixed Automator action "file already exists" options to only apply when file is not chosen by user. Fixed in-app purchase. Reverted scanner detection method to take out troublesome workaround for USB bug present in 10.6.5 through 10.6.7.

2011-09-24 version 1.7.1: Fix crash when purchasing or entering license code without a scanner attached. Fix bug that caused repeated password prompt on some systems for install/upgrade command-line utility. Add back license & scanner info dialog. Enable copy/paste in registration dialogs.

2011-08-22 version 1.7: Add support for fi-5900, fi-5950 & fi-6800. Add automatic updating, in-app purchase, and auto install/re-install of the command-line app. If a scan will overflow file size limits (4GB for TIFF, 10GB for PDF), truncate file cleanly without corruption and give an appropriate error. Support two different sets of long-document scanning attributes for those scanners that have them. Add 64-bit support for minor performance improvement. End support for PowerPC, 32-bit, and OS X 10.4.

2011-08-06 version 1.6.6: Fix timing glitch with user input of fractional paper sizes. Add back PowerPC support.

2011-07-28 version 1.6.5: Limited release to selected customers. Add support for fi-5530C & fi-4530C. Fix color scanning on fi-4340C. Fix bugs with duplex gray/color scanning on certain models. Attempt to work around OS X 10.6 bug that locks up the USB. Inadvertantly drop PowerPC support

2010-12-28 version 1.6.4: Fixed bug with locking up on color scans with certain older scanners.

2010-11-20 version 1.6.3: Minor tweaks to the Automator action; correctly accept a path to a non-existent file; append extension if needed before testing for existence.

2010-10-29 version 1.6.2: Try different color scanning compression options for fi-5530C2, fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-6140, fi-6240. Trialed with 1 customer, not released, reverted for 1.6.3.

2010-09-10 version 1.6.1: Correct usage of dynamic threshold function in scanner; differentiate between default (which was previously referred to as dynamic) and dynamic; improve and correct some tool tips; improve ability to stop a scan in progress and do not treat that as an error; correct failure with resuming scan after misfeed of first page.

2010-09-06 version 1.6: Live preview of pages displayed as they are scanned; option to open scan in any compatible application on completion; more orientation options for flatbed scans; ability to stop scan in progress; better warnings regarding demo watermark and mismatched licenses.

2010-04-12 version 1.5: New scan-processing architecture takes full advantage of multiple CPU cores, in order to scan at full speed in color on high-end scanners. Added better support for long-page scanning. Tweaked command timing for tighter compliance to scanner requirements.

2010-03-23 version 1.4.2: Adjusted maximum allowed width.

2010-03-21 version 1.4.1: Corrected reversal of wide-aspect scan orientation icons.

2010-02-10 version 1.4: Added support for flatbed scanners: fi-6230, fi-6240, fi-4340C, and fi-6770. (Also, fi-4220C2, fi-5220, and fi-5750C.) Added Automator action for easy automation of scanning workflows. Added display of detected scanner model, and warning regarding demo mode watermarking. Improved tracking of settings as user switches between sources, simplex/duplex, and so on. Improved document feed orientation icons. Ended support for Mac OS X 10.3.

2009-10-24 version 1.3.1: Added "Licenses & Scanners" menu item to let users review their registrations. Added --flatbed and --capabilities to the command line in preparation for flatbed support.

2009-10-22 version 1.3: Added ability to append to existing files. Used this to make it easy to scan larger files and to recover from paper feed failures. Added --append to command-line utility, and new return codes for failure to open/create file and paper feed failures. Stopped outputting partial pages in case of paper feed failures. Fixed a bug where some errors from deep inside the scanning code were not reported to the user.

2009-10-21 version 1.2.4: Fixed a bug with activation codes related to Unicode character composition.

2009-09-29 version 1.2.3: Fixed a bug scanning black-and-white PDFs. Fixed behavior of "Detect Paper Length" checkbox. Forced correction of kext privileges installed by earlier versions for compatibility with 10.6.

2009-09-24 version 1.2.2: Fixed a bug that would cause a crash scanning large (about 300 pages) black-and-white PDFs.

2009-09-21 version 1.2.1b: Corrected installer for 10.6.

2009-05-26 version 1.2.1: Fixes for minor glitches with activation codes.

2009-05-26 version 1.2: Support for the fi-5350C2 and fi-6670 scanners. Single build, with activation codes to unlock support for different levels of scanners. Official release of support for the fi-6140. Replacement of confusing "landscape" checkbox with icons for selection of paper orientation. Fixed black point and white point settings to work correctly for both grayscale and color scans. Support for double-feed detection options. Option to automatically open scans in Preview as they are completed. Command-line functions to enumerate all attached scanners, and to select a specific scanner per job.

2008-08-15 version 1.1: Support for the fi-6130 scanner; Universal Binary for native operation on Intel-based Macs; support for length detection; support for oversampling; revised user interface for easier changing of paper sizes & landscape printing, and easy re-scanning. Support for the fi-6140 scanner in the level 2 (more expensive) version.

2006-07-20 version 1.0.8: Support for the fi-5120c scanner. Fix error where choice of PDF format would not be saved across launches. Fix error where metric input of sizes was inappropriately limited. Finally remember to add new scanner models to FujiScannerDontSeize.kext to get rid of the 1-2 second pause at the beginning of scans. Abandon all attemps to support 10.2. Complete move to XCode in preparation for Universal Binary version.

2005-05-20 version 1.0.7: Fix threshold, despeckle, black level and white level options. Enable controls correctly at startup after loading saved parameters. Move some of the components from CodeWarrior to XCode in preparation for Universal Binary version. (Distributed only to early adopters; never announced for general release.)

2005-05-17 version 1.0.6: No changes were required for Tiger compatibility, so I believe all versions of fScanX will be compatible, but this is the only one tested and supported under Tiger. Support for long document scanning, using the new --paperheight setting. Changed default format of gray and color TIFF files back to using no compression instead of zlib compression, because most software on versions of OS X prior to 10.4 (Tiger) will not handle TIFF files using zlib compression. Added --compress zlib option to support creation of compressed gray and color TIFF files for those cases where files will be used by software that supports the format. Removed smoothing of gray and color images because when needed this is better left to post-scan image processing. Significantly reduced memory used during gray and color scanning. Rewrote the GUI in Cocoa, which will make addition of features easier; the GUI now saves all its settings between runs. A level 2 (more expensive) version with preliminary support for the fi-5650C: black & white scanning at full speed, gray and color need further optimization.

2005-03-12 version 1.0.5: Support for the fi-4120C2 scanner with USB 2.

2005-03-01 version 1.0.4: Support for duplex scanning. Option to output PDF files in addition to TIFF. Compression (lossless, zlib) of grayscale and color scans. Modest improvement in throughput of monochrome scans at 300dpi and lower resolutions.

2004-11-14 version 1.0.3: Added images-per-file option to allow scanning into multiple files. Also added options to GUI utility to display the command line corresponding to the selected options and/or put the command on the clipboard.

2004-09-19 version 1.0.2: Fixed bug that a scan width of exactly 8.5 inches would be reported as out of range. Added section on integration with OCR to notes.

2004-09-18 version 1.0.1: Fixed problem that caused banding in low-resolution (< 300dpi) monochrome scans. Added control over despeckle factor to command-line. Made command line report many errors in options, rather than just silently substituting default values. Added control over threshold, despeckle, black point, and white point to GUI. Added to GUI ability to view or put on clipboard the command built from the options specified. Added brief comment on integration with 4th Dimension to notes.

2004-09-07 version 1.0: First public release.