Fujitsu High-Volume Sheetfed Scanners for Macintosh

fScanX works with a wide variety of Fujitsu's high-speed sheetfed scanners—spanning Fujitsu's product lines for workgroup scanners, departmental scanners, and production scanners—supporting high-volume production document scanning on Macintosh OS X.

This chart does not apply to fScanX Home Edition, which supports only the Fujitsu fi-5110 & fi-6110 scanner models.

Speed (ppm/ipm) Feeder Flatbed MSRP fScanX
fi-7160 64/12864/12864/12864/124 8.5"none$1,195$149
fi-7260 8.5"x11"$1,995$179
fi-7180 84/16884/16884/16884/164 8.5"none$1,995$199
fi-7280 8.5"x11.7"$2,495$229
fi-5530C2 50/100   11.7"none$3,995$399
fi-4340C 38/6627/4827/5218/228.5"8.5"x11"$4,995$499
fi-6670 98/17879/15879/15879/158 12"none$5,995$599
fi-6770 12"x18"$7,995$699
fi-6800 130/260130/260130/255130/25512"none$19,995$1,799
fi-5950 135/270135/270135/265130/26012"none$24,995$1,999

fScanX also supports several discontinued scanner models:
fi-4120C,fi-4120C2, fi-4220C, fi-4220C2, fi-6130, fi-6130z, fi-6230, fi-6230z, fi-6140, fi-6140z, fi-6240, fi-6240z, fi-4530C, fi-5120C, fi-5220C, fi-5350C, fi-5650C, fi-5750C, fi-5900C

In general, Fujitsu's specifications provide accurate speed ratings and fScanX runs their scanners at full speed as long as a fast enough Mac is used. Speeds shown (except for the 5530C2) are as actually measured on a Macintosh using fScanX. They include the complete scanning process from button click to file being complete. All times are for scanning full 8.5"x11" pages.

This chart provides a very basic overview of the different scanners that fScanX supports. There are many more considerations than shown here, so you may want to discuss your scanner needs with a qualified Fujitsu reseller. Two that are aware of fScanX are ScannerOne (Denver) and Scantastik (Atlanta).

Rentals of these scanners are available from RentScan—perfect for large one-time scanning projects.