Project Details

This section gives more details of some of the projects that I have worked on. I've delivered a lot of software, some of it very interesting, and one-line summaries that fit on a résumé are not enough to describe the interesting parts. This section is organized by topic rather than by application, because some long-lived applications have multiple interesting parts. I have many more topics to add, but I had to start somewhere.

In my current work, I'm basing new client/server applications on a modern architecture that is very efficient with network resources. This allows full rich clients (rather than functionally-restricted web-based apps) to be run effectively across Internet connections, which is great for remote on-call work.

The architecture also supports continuous nearly real-time replication to an offiste backup server. The continuous backup is crucial for paperless medical records, and I now have applications running where certain parts of the medical record never exist on paper for most patients. Of course for a few of these records printing may be required to send documents to outside organizations, but in-house use is truly paperless.