09/06/2011 - fScanX 1.7 released

New Features Include Support for Fujitsu fi-6800 & fi-5950

Golden, Colorado—September 6, 2011—Elevated Software Development, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of fScanX 1.7 for Mac OS X, adding support for the Fujitsu fi-5950 & fi-6800 production-level scanners to their popular scanning application designed exclusively for use with the Fujitsu fi-series of high-speed scanners. The Fujitsu fi-6800 offers fast scanning speeds of 130 pages-per-minute / 260 images-per-minute. The Fujitsu fi-5950C scans at 135 ppm and 270 ipm. With all models fScanX will scan single or double-sided documents in color, grayscale or monochrome directly into multi-page TIFF or PDF files. In addition, the fScanX package includes an Automator action for workflow integration, and a command-line utility for complete scripted control of scanning functions.

This release also adds better support for long-document scanning options, automatic updating, in-app license purchase, and minor performance improvements.

Current supported scanners include the Fujitsu fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-6140, fi-6240, fi-5530C2, fi-4340C, fi-6670, fi-6770, fi-5950C and fi-6800 models. Using the top-of-the-line fi-5950C, and running fScanX 1.7 on a current Mac Quad-Core or better, delivers maximum throughput of 135 pages/minute single-sided, and 270 images/minute double sided, scanning at 200 or 300 dpi (color, grayscale or monochrome).

Developed from the ground up utilizing the latest OS X technologies, fScanX is best known for its agility and speed. It offers simple installation and ships with both a stand-alone scanning application as well as a command-line utility for use in scripting and developing automated solutions within any development environment, and an Automator action for scriptless automation.

“In 2002 there was no support available for integrating high-speed scanning into Macintosh applications, so I started developing my own drivers as part of an extensive electronic medical records system,” said Scott Ribe, founder of Colorado based Elevated Software Development, Inc. “In 2004, I distilled the essential scanning support into the standalone product fScanX.”

fScanX's simple-to-use scanning utility offers a natural, easy user interface and is aimed at scanning documents into files quickly with no fuss. However, rather than requiring the application to launch in order to perform scanning, fScanX's command-line utility gives developers the ability to control the user interface completely. This opens up a host of possibilities for prepress operators, developers and graphic designers alike to build custom workflows involving scanning.

Additionally, fScanX ships with a handy Automator action enabling very easy creation of scanning workflows without scripting. fScanX also enables a host of alternative automation options. It takes only three lines of script code in FileMaker to scan a document, with similar setups available in 4D. And it's just as easy to scan from AppleScript, shell scripts, Ruby, Python, and more. (Simple FileMaker and AppleScript Studio examples are included. As more extensive Objective-C examples, the sources of the standalone scanning application are also included.)

“We've used the ease of FileMaker, the flexibility of AppleScript, and the ever-growing features of fScanX to create what I consider the ultimate in business automation,” said Ryan Thorpe, 24-Hour Record Retriever & Abstract, Inc. “Fujitsu's great scanners coupled with Scott's excellent software, service, and support makes it a no-brainer. Anyone serious about running a business on a Mac needs fScanX.”

Feature Highlights:

  • Comfortable and simple User Interface aimed strictly at scanning documents into files
  • Simple installation (Standard package: double-click to install, install via ARD, etc.)
  • From download to first scan potentially in about a minute
  • Up to 135 pages per minute throughput
  • Limitless automation possibilities
  • Single-sided and double-sided scanning, black & white, grayscale, color

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion
  • 64-bbit Intel Mac
  • 2.5 MB Hard Drive space plus storage for scanned documents
  • Compatible fi-series Fujitsu scanner

Pricing and Availability:

fScanX 1.7 is licensed on a per-scanner basis, $149 - $1,999 (USD) depending on model. Before buying please see the fScanX product page for more information about which scanners and features are supported by the current version. Version 1.7 is a recommended update for all customers using 64-bit Intel Mac models.

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